11 March 2013

Which Builder Are You?

Imagine a gospel without all the hard parts... 

Without any word that foxes have holes and birds have nests but the Son of man had nowhere to lay his head, and that anyone who calls himself a follower of Christ must take up his cross, and lay down his life, every day, every week, every pay-cheque period. 

Take that part out, take out the discipleship, but keep in the love, at least the comfortable love.
Keep in the part where it says that God so loved us, so delighted in us, that in order for him to win the eternal privilege of our company, He sent his Son to buy us a place among the blessed, and buy it in such a way as to convey our infinite worth in the eyes of our Creator. 

What would be the natural response of a person fed on that kind of gospel?

"Hm. I love me, and it turns out that God loves me too. I think the two of us'll get along just fine. Now then, where to go for supper?"

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