25 February 2013

What a Tangled Web We Weave

Jacob was a liar. He lied about who he was to secure the greater blessing, then fled his older brother, who wanted to kill him. But many years later, having married and grown wealthy, on the night before Jacob was to meet Esau once again, someone confronted him. A mysterious man who grappled with Jacob through the long night until Jacob held him fast and demanded a blessing. What then did God’s angel said to Jacob?

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21 February 2013

How the Leopard Changed His Spots

His past was the same: he had lied to his father and stolen from his brother. His present was the same: running from home, toward an alien future. And even this place where he had spent the night looked no different from when he first laid down... and yet, everything was different; something new had come into his life.

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12 February 2013

Frank Lloyd Wright and the Body of Christ

In December 1934, the Kaufmann family of Pittsburg invited an architect out to their forest retreat in Western Pennsylvania. His name was Frank Lloyd Wright, and they wished him to design for them a new country house. Nestled amidst the growth of hardwood trees, native rhododendron, and Appalachian wildflowers, the Kaufmann's mountain property was a haven to which they often resorted, not only for their own refreshment, but also that of their many employees and friends.

And for all of them––family, friends, and employees alike––the focus of this woodland getaway was centered on a single geographical treasure: a waterfall cascading over a sandstone ledge in the heart of the forest.

After returning from his visit, Wright penned a note to the family, saying, "the visit to the waterfall in the woods stays with me and a domicile has taken vague shape in my mind to the music of the stream."

But when Wright showed his preliminary sketches to the Kaufmanns, they were startled to find that their dwelling was to be built not facing the much loved falls, but directly on top of them. This was unexpected, unconventional, and––they would eventually realize––altogether brilliant.

“Monotony kills,” said Wright. “Human feeling loves the vigor of spontaneity, freshness, and the charm of the unexpected...”
Thus was born what has since been praised as "the best all-time work of American architecture," a house to which Wright himself would give the name, "Fallingwater."

Now the genius of this structure lies in the organic way that Wright designed it not to interrupt the waterfall, nor merely to view it as from the outside, but to become a part of it, and so allow the house’s inhabitants to experience the falls directly.


By building the house directly over the falls, and then installing a glass hatchway in the middle of the living room which opened upon a staircase leading down to the gurgling stream, that the sound and fragrance of the waters below might rise through the room and wash those inside with the exhilarating closeness of nature.

Organic architecture: this is how Frank Lloyd Wright described his dream––to make of a dwelling place a complete work of art, a house that would be something more than an arrangement of cookie-cutter rooms to be filled with cookie-cutter furniture, something more thoughtful, more living, more suited to the individual people for whom the house was built.

How many of us sigh our way through the years of our lives just looking for that room, that single place of refuge where no matter what else may befall, we can know that everything is okay because we have our place in life, that one-of-a-kind fit, where we know that we belong.

Whether you would call yourself a believer, or a seeker, or something altogether different, the Spirit of Jesus is inviting you to step in from that anonymous wasteland and come into your room, that place in God’s kingdom, prepared with you in mind...

08 February 2013

When I Come to Genesis One... Part 5

What does it mean to be made in the image of God?

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05 February 2013

When I Come to Genesis One... Part 4

God made the two great lights: the great light for dominion of the day, and the small light for dominion of the night... 
and the stars.

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