03 December 2012

Jesus in the Country, Kicking at the Stones

Lately, my four year-old son has been having night terrors.

 My wife and I will be stirred by the sound of whimpering coming from his room, and walk down the hall to discover that he’s awakened in the dark and seen the shadows of branches coming in through his window and clawing on his walls. 

To his four year-old mind, those crooked shadows have no business being in his room, intruding on his night time peace. But the thing about my son is that he’s a reticent little fellow, slow to share his feelings. It gets to the point where he will physically hide his smile when we know full well that he is beaming on the inside. And this reticence extends at times to our evening prayers, and he’ll get shy about praying out loud. 

So as I tuck him in at night, I try to find other ways to engage him with God, and instead of making him pray, we’ll sing Jesus Loves Me or some other song together.  

But this past Wednesday, my son started the longest conversation he and I have ever had about God. 

We were lying on his bed with the lights turned out, and he wanted to know where God was. When I told him that God was everywhere, he pointed to different spots in his room and asked me if indeed God was present in all of those places, and I told him, "Yes, son, God is in that spot––and you know what else?––God is even in those shadows on the wall.

Well when he heard that, his face brightened into a grin and he said, “Yeah, God will smash those shadows into pieces!” And then we sang that Veggie Tales song, “God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man,” and he fell blissfully to sleep.

God is bigger than the boogie man. He is bigger than than the shadows on the wall and the thing under the steps and all our imaginary fears. And he is bigger than the real evils in our world, like disease, and ignorance, and the spiritual parasites that thrive on the dark. God is bigger than the boogie man, in whatever form the boogie man takes, and so is God's son. 

He proved it one day in a town called Capernaum...


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