18 December 2012

Will It Be Okay?

From a video I wrote for Family Life Network:

It will be okay. These are the words of self-comfort: a skill that each of us learns in a world rife with disappointment. Whether with a thumb in the mouth or a prayer in the dark, we need something to help us cope. But is that all our faith is? An invented answer to the need for self comfort?

Is that all that Christmas is? With all the flying reindeer and industrious, toy-making elves, and an entire mythology invented around a rotund holiday saint, it might be easy to get confused at this time of year. It might be easy to just lump it all together: reindeer, elves, and the Christmas story itself, and call the whole thing holiday make-believe.

And since it might be easy to do that, to get confused and lump the historical part of Christmas in with the mythological part of Christmas, the first thing that I want to tell you about Anna, the subject of our sermon this morning, is that she was a real person. How do I know?


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