19 November 2012

Promethean Engineer or Divine Father?

A couple of weeks ago I watched Ridley Scott's Prometheus, and it stuck with me because its storyline carried a kind of myth that I’ve been seeing more and more lately, and that myth goes like this:

Maybe, at some far point in the distant past, we were planted on this earth by an alien race of biological engineers who went back to their planet after their work was done.

As I said, I’ve been hearing this theme more and more, not just from movie writers, but even some science writers. And I find this emerging cultural myth very interesting, because it shows the lengths to which the human mind will go to create a more comfortable creator: one who is conveniently distant and lacking any ultimate moral demands on the way that we live.

That is not the God whom Mary’s son would name Father, the God who in the words of Psalm 56, is close enough to keep track of all our sorrows, who collects our tears in his bottle, and records each one in his book...


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