15 October 2012

The Secret of Growth

When I was a young man, reading through the small, black, New King James Bible given to me by my parents, every now and then I would come upon a sentence which would lay a  blanket of bewilderment across my mind: a sentence which almost without knowing it, I would pass over, because in some troubling way, it confused me. Here is one of those sentences:

Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. (Luke 2:52)

“Jesus what? He increased in wisdom? In favor with God? How can that be? Jesus is the Son of God, and as such, has all the wisdom in the universe, and all the favor of God that it is possible to have! How can it be that this same Jesus, whom the Bible says is God, could grow... in wisdom, and in favor with God, like any other of the 12 year-olds on his street?”

I couldn't have articulated that question so clearly when I first read this sentence, but it is a good description of the vague unease that I felt. So what did I do? I simply skipped over this sentence and let my confusion slumber, unspoken for years, until one day I noticed another sentence in the Bible...


Jeremy said...

I can't help but wonder about Hannah and how she must have felt giving her child over to this priest that treated his parenting responsibilities with such indifference. What an act of faith and obedience!

Daren Redekopp said...

Nice point, Jeremy. She must really have believed that the care of God was bigger than the negligence of this priest. Thanks for that.

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